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The Women's Gym

Health club brand Total Fitness installed TRUE Fitness cardio equipment in its new Women’s Gym at its Whitefield club in Manchester.


Informed by interviews and wider research into women’s attitudes and preferences in the gym, The Women’s Gym aims to empower women’s fitness and provide a new way to work out, with a space that’s been specially designed for women to help build confidence, feel at ease, and encourage learning and progression.


The dedicated space was designed to incorporate a range of fitness equipment to provide users with a seamless workout and cater for all needs.


TRUE Fitness installed its state-of-the-art stair stepper, the Palisade Climber, equipped with the EMERGE II console.


With one of the deepest steps in the industry and proven to be 10x stronger than the strongest competitor’s step, the Palisade Climber has been designed for better step mechanics, increased durability, and ease of serviceability, making it a popular cardio solution for many clubs and users.


Learn more about the Palisade Climber here.


The EMERGE II LED console offers users easy navigation, with pre-programmed workouts or the option to start using the machine straight away.


Learn more about the EMERGE II console here.


Dean Zweck, Product Development Manager at Total Fitness, said: “We’re really happy with the TRUE Fitness equipment in The Women’s Gym. It looks great and it doesn’t take up too much space, but critically it’s built to withstand high usage levels; this was really important for us as we know that stair steppers are popular with our female members, and we had to maximise the space and equipment we chose.


“TRUE is known for the quality of the design and manufacture of its equipment, and the Palisade Climber is a great example of that. The service we received from TRUE was also excellent from start to finish, and we’re looking forward to working with the TRUE Fitness GB team on future projects.”


Kerry Curtis, Brand Development Director at Total Fitness, said: “The Women’s Gym has been thoughtfully designed from rich customer insight, every feature in the space was added purposefully to meet Women’s different and changing needs.

We applied the same focus when selecting our suppliers, it is important that the kit enables seamless workouts whilst making women feel at ease, we want every visit to count. TRUE Fitness’ Palisade Climbers are the best solution for this space.

“The real test is our members’ feedback and critically, we’ve had really positive responses to the Palisade Climbers. They’re already one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the club, and it’s encouraging to see members keen to try something different.”

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