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We’re known for both of our great brands, TRUE and Octane.


The TRUE Fitness brand is backed by two core principles; build the highest quality products and support them with superior service. With an expansive product portfolio of cardio, strength and flexibility equipment, TRUE Fitness remains one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers worldwide.

The brand’s tagline, ‘Integrity Matters’, runs through every element of the organisation. TRUE Fitness believes in doing business with integrity, and the same approach is applied to our equipment manufacturing, and dedication to delivering for our customers and their needs. 

Thoughtful design is part of the TRUE Fitness heritage, with quality long lasting materials, the latest technology, and safety features, all integrated into our machines to improve the experience for both the exerciser and the facility.

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Over twenty years ago, Octane was launched with the aim to manufacture the best elliptical machines on the market. In that time, Octane has changed how people view ellipticals through innovations and unique modalities. This work laid the foundation for what Octane is today, with a portfolio of dynamic and high-performance cardio products built to support facilities and help people fuel their lives.

Octane has revolutionised the standing elliptical market, and now, as a division of TRUE Fitness, Octane continues to evolve and support hundreds of thousands of exercisers worldwide, while uncovering new and innovative ways to provide exercise options.

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