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Mardyke Area - Universty College Cork

The Mardyke Arena is a world-class sports facility in Cork, Ireland, used by University College Cork (UCC) students and the general public. Dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles at the university and within the local community, Mardyke Arena wanted a fitness equipment manufacturer to support its aims, and to deliver the best solution that extended beyond just the sale of fitness equipment. 

With over 650,000 visitors every year, Mardyke Arena is used by many of the region’s elite sportspeople, as well as exercisers of all training abilities. Consequently, the facility needed an equipment portfolio to support the wide-ranging needs of its users.

The cardio area was upgraded to feature TRUE Alpine Runners, treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, and the Palisade Climber. These sections, denoted as TRUE Cardio, TRUE Run, TRUE Train, and TRUE HIIT, were created with the help of TRUE’s expert facility planning services to maximise space and give the Mardyke Arena a refreshed look.

The strength zones offer a full lineup of TRUE strength equipment, with the TRUE Strength and TRUE Lift sections. Members can tailor their workout with plate-loaded racks, benches, the unique Composite Strength series, or the custom-painted selectorised strength machines from the FUSE line.


“The install has generated a buzz around the facility with members talking about the equipment. The design of TRUE’s equipment allowed us to make some alterations to the layout of the gyms which has increased its functionality and allowed us to deliver a better user experience” 

Wayne Falvey - Mardyke Arena, UCC

“The unique design [of the ellipticals] where you get on the machine from behind it has allowed us to increase the footprint. That excites us!”

Michael Kearney - Fitness Manager, Mardyke Arena

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